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It is from everyday life that I draw inspiration for my work, from the observation of my relationship with every day life, from my relationships and from my fears. Particularly attentive to the protection of children and women, the discomfort, diversity and discrimination, I stop to fathom folk customs and traditions of our culture. My works are delicate female figures, placed in locations without time or space. Tale of imaginary reality, unreal appendices, non-existent spaces. To the delicacy of these figures, I oppose specific details, often strong and explicit. Before starting the execution of a work, I quickly elaborate my thoughts with a few marks on white sheets, and then proceed to the creation of very detailed sketches. The techniques that I prefer are the oil painting, paper-cutting, drawing and clay modeling.

Susy Manzo (Milan, 1963), lives and works in Cusano Milanino (MI). Painter, sculptor and designer, specialized in wall decoration and painting on ceramics (third firing), she develops artistic projects related to the customs and traditions of our culture. "Storie Sospese" (2016) and “Giochi di Roulo" (2012) are her latest projects. Gender role is the driving element of “Giochi di Ruolo", created in 2012, after a careful investigation and reflection on stereotypical messages embedded in rhymes, in the popular songs and games aimed at children. In "Storie Sospese", the artist explores the memories, emotions and affections lived peering into her intimate and profound past. She has participated in solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and art fairs, national and international, in Italy, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Turkey and South Corea.

Recent solo exhibitions
- Storie Sospese - Un filo sottile
Libreria Bocca / Milano (2017)
- Storie Sospese - Torno a casa
Galleria KoArt Unconventional Place / Catania (2016)
- Giochi di Ruolo - Mamma & Figlia
Assessorato alla Cultura / Municipio di Cusano Milanino MI (2016)
- Giochi di Ruolo - Raccontami un’altra storia
Galleria Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea / Brindisi (2015)
- Tutto č tessuto di armonie profonde
Zaion Gallery Arte Contemporanea / Biella (2014)
- Giochi di Ruolo
Galleria Francesco Zanuso / Milano (2014)
NapoliModaDesign 2017     NapoliModaDesign

 Chiaia District
    Villa Pignatelli - Riviera di Chiaia 200 - Napoli

    Napoli, 3 - 14 maggio 2017

Storie Sospese - Un Filo Sotile - Libreria Bocca     STORIE SOSPESE - UN FILO SOTTILE

    Libreria Bocca
    Milano, 9 - 28 Maggio 2017
    Inaugurazione 9 Maggio 2017 - ore 19.00
Ti Penso Sempre
NapoliModaDesign Giochi di ruolo - Mamma & Figlia Giochi di ruolo - Mamma & Figlia Giochi di ruolo ...Raccontami un'altra storia Giochi di Ruolo
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